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    From the Steppe to the World

    Innovation thrives in combining disparate ideas and cultures. The Mongolian empire was born of the unique nomadic lifestyle of the steppe and grew by recruiting and adapting the best artisans and ideas from the world. This Pax Mongolica created a renaissance in economic growth and global culture. We take inspiration from this history in the context of our financial and technological present.

Helping capital to flow where it's needed

Steppe is a group of Mongolian companies driven to evolve finance and technology to reduce inefficiency in capital markets and bring greater opportunity and returns to investors, while finding ways to share the wealth with the community and to help develop sustainable, healthy economies in emerging regions.


Our mission is to be a pioneering innovator in bringing equal opportunities and sustainable prosperity to our clients and our world.


Work with honesty, integrity, and the highest of ethical standards at all levels.


Create and support a culture that recognizes and respects all employees and clients as individuals.


Provide customized and optimized solutions with superior expertise.


Showcase the power of teamwork and have a global mindset.


Making sure everyone feels valued and included.


Steppe Group Executive Team

  • Gerelmaa B.

    CEO of Steppe Group
  • S. Peter Choe

    Executive Vice President
    Chief Digital Officer
  • Boldbaatar Dashdorj

    Executive Vice President
    Chief Business Officer

Business & Operations Team

  • Kherlenchimeg A.

    Director of Finance
    Steppe Group
  • Len Ball

    Director of N. American Business Development
  • Saruul Ligden

    Director of Operations
    Steppe Group
  • Munkhzorig Amartuvshin

    Financial Associate
    Steppe Group
  • Bolortuya Dorj

    Steppe Group
  • Nandinbileg Ganbat

    Business Development Intern
    Steppe Group


Mongolian Future Finance

MFF is our Non-Banking Financial Institution issuing secured and unsecured loans.

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Steppe Asset Management

Our asset management company manages traditional private debt and equity funds.

Steppe Tech

Steppe Tech is our technical consultancy. We have consulted for start-ups, banks and government.

Steppe Trade

We import and export to and from Mongolia.


- Software Engineer Intern
- Software Engineer Junior to Senior-level
- VP Engineering
- HR (part-time)

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