• Steppe Group

    Steppe group is driven to not only evolve finance and technology to reduce inefficient in capital markets and bring greater opportunity and returns to investors, but to also find ways to share the wealth with the community and to help develop sustainable, healthy economies in emerging regions.

Our History

What would become Steppe Group began with friendships among a diverse and international group of science and technology students studying in Korea. Some of these friends began consulting for startups in New York city in 2015 under the name Steppe, while others founded successful fintech companies in Korea. The opportunity that new technologies promised as well as opportunities in the emerging economy of Mongolia, the native land of one of the co-founders, brought these friends, along with additional collaborators, together again with the common goal of evolving fintech to bring capital to developing countries.


    Our mission is to be a pioneering innovator in bringing equal opportunities and sustainable prosperity to our clients and our world.


To be the world’s most trustworthy, inclusive and innovative fintech company.


Work with honesty, integrity, and the highest of ethical standards at all levels.


Create and support a culture that recognizes and respects all employees and clients as individuals.


Provide customized and optimized solutions with superior expertise.


Showcase the power of teamwork and have a global mindset.


Making sure everyone feels valued and included.


Steppe Group Executive Team

  • Gerelmaa B.

    CEO of Steppe Group
  • S. Peter Choe

    Executive Vice President
    Chief Digital Officer
  • Boldbaatar Dashdorj

    Executive Vice President
    Chief Business Officer
  • Sangwoo Han

    Executive Vice President
    Chief Operations Officer
  • Eugene Kim

    Vice President

Business & Operations Team

  • Kherlenchimeg A.

    Director of Finance
    Steppe Group
  • Oyungoo Enkhbold

    Director of Business
    Steppe Group
  • Saruul Ligden

    Director of Operations
    Steppe Group
  • Len Ball

    Director of N. American Business Development
  • Jiwon Shin

    Design Lead
  • Batdolgor Tsenrendorj

    General Manager
    Steppe Group
  • Tumenkhuslen Batdelger

    Finance Intern
    Steppe Group
  • Misheel Tsermaa

    Business Intern
    Steppe Group


Our team consists of outstanding international specialists in real estate, finance, payment system, AI, and blockchain.
We work with the top business and academic institutions of the world.

Trusschain Management

Trusschain management is a company that invests its clients' pooled funds into securities that match declared financial objectives. It provides investors with more diversification and investing options than they would have by themselves. Trusschain management is manages mutual funds, hedge funds and pension plans.

Trusschain Securities

Trusschain securities is a company that buying and selling securities for its own account or on behalf of its customers. Our broker and dealer perform a couple of vital functions; they facilitate the free flow of securities on the open market, and they buy or sell securities in their own accounts to ensure there is a market in those securities for their clients.

Trusschain Finance

Trusschain finance is a company that is working on reengineering payment systems and exchange. The payments market in the developing world – where traditional payment infrastructure is lacking – is more fragmented still, and shows examples of technological “leapfrogging”. Trusschain finance is working on reengineering payment systems and other financial technology to reduce inefficiencies and increase financial access.

Steppe Tech

Make decisions that are logically smart and emotionally clever. We bring research from the best of two worlds : user centered design and computational analysis. Your customized solutions will integrate features from TRIZ. Axiomatic Design, and the IDEO Innovation Method.


  • 1

    2015 Steppe Tech was founded in NYC

  • 2

    2017 Steppe Tech initiated the NeoPax project with Mongolian government.

  • 3

    2018 Steppe Group is created with 5 daughter companies in 3 different countries. Mongolia, Korea and USA.


Senior Software Engineer
HR (part-time)



Mongolian office :
Meru Tower Suite 1003
Sukhbaatar District
Ulaanbaatar 14210
+976 7577 9444

Korean office :
3-9, Gangnam-Daero 124-Gil, 6th Floor
Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu
Seoul 06114
South Korea
+82 70 7847 5522

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